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Cooper Road Maintenance and Improvement LLC

Next Meeting: June 2025 @10am

June 2024 Roadwork


June 2024

Road maintenance was completed by the contractor the week of June 17th.  The road was crowned, smoothed, and ditches refreshed to manage water runoff.  We hope you find this an improvement over previous conditions, see pictures above.  It can be tempting to drive faster with the improved conditions, please observe the speed limits posted to keep the community and yourselves safe.

May 2024

Shortly after the 2024 annual dues notice went out this year, we found out that renting equipment was not going to be an option for CRMI due to insurance considerations.  The board then pursued plan B which was to contract with a professional road service.  After receiving a few bids, a contractor was selected and they are estimated to start July 8th, 2024.  They will be utilizing a water truck, grader, and compactor to pull ditches as needed, put in water diversions as needed, and compact the road.  It is our intention to focus on the source of the erosion issues this year.  We appreciate your patience as we navigate identifying the resources to help us maintain Cooper Drive now and sustainably into the future.


March 2024

2023 was a year of reorganization.  We had new members join the board to replace some recent retirements. Dick Subry (Secretary), Kathy Subry (Treasurer), and Andy Sorenson (Vice President Operations) retired from the CRMI board.  We thank them for their many years of service and welcome the new board members as they settle into their new roles.

As a result, there has been some work needed to resource road maintenance equipment as we no longer have access to some of the equipment used previously.  The board is in the process of exploring several options to pursue in 2024 including rental equipment and outside contracting.  The focus will be on managing some core issues with the road to make sure that our investment in the road is sustainable.  Focus will be given to managing water erosion and building a good road base.  We plan to use this site to keep you current on our activities past and future.

Below you will find some images of work performed in 2023.

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